Peregrine Corporation is South Australia (SA) largest privately-owned retail company. The company holds various major brands under its umbrella. One of the South Australia most recognised brands is OTR - the concept of a convenience store combined with the fuel station.

After contracting for OTR marketing team for two months I was given a chance to join a OTR marketing team as a graphic designer.


My initial responsibilities included mastering the digital signage platform called SignStix and developing the content for it. My main goal was to explore motion in digital menus.

Example of digital signage in store

I have also fully wrote front-end code for two landing pages. One for Trackside Villas and another one for Easy as OTR.


Further I started to work on the production of the retail and marketing portal (RAMP). RAMP is split into 24 periods, for each period there was a need to produce a set of signage and signage allocation guide. Number of signage would usually vary from 50 pieces to 200 pieces.

Example of printed signage in store 1 Example of printed signage in store 2 Example of printed signage in store 3

The allocation guide is carefully crafted InDesign document with ~90-95 pages of content. It is certainly a massive document and it was important to improve its readability. It took multiple major iterations to simplify the document including:

  • three column grid system
  • unified styling and spacing for titles, body text and image captions
  • elimination of spot colours and copy-pasted artwork

Printed issues of RAMP Open printed issue of RAMP

Another important involvement of mine was the OTRGive initiative. OTRGive is a community program what brought together 36 SA local charities and foundations, and allowed OTR site customers to choose which organisation they want to support with their purchases via OTR App. I was responsible for creating visuals for the promotion of this program, including brochure, staff name badge surrounds, tri-fold, posters and flyers.

OTRGive brochure OTRGive table tops OTRGive flyers and brochure images of tri-fold front door sticker OTRGive staff member badge surround

Workflow management and optimisation

One of the main components of signage are product images, more than often these images will be supplied in a wide range of formats. To ensure that every image will be printed correctly I had to process each one of them to check the file extension, colour profile, DPI, presence of shadows and background. When shadows and background were present I had to manually mask the product to have it on transparent background. Usually there will be around 30-40 images what needed to be processed. To re-purpose my time, spent on image contouring, I was able to outsource this work and built an extensive library of images ready for print.


I would like to thank Simon Rudduck (Head of Brand) and Nigel Venning (Lead Creative) for sharing their expertise and providing me an extensive guidance and support during my time in the company. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you guys and if given a chance I would like to work with you again.