Techstars Adelaide Accelerator 2017 is the first APAC Techstars program. The main theme of this program is defence and security. This program is supported by such corporate partners as Boeing, Thales, Codan and SAAB. 10 startup companies were chosen to participate in the accelerator.

I was amongst five associates who helped both local Techstars team and 10 startup companies with solving their design challenges. By being a Design Associate I was responsible for creating print materials for Techstars for internal and public events. I was always available for any company, participating in the accelerator, to approach me and to ask for help with one or another matter. It was challenging, but rewarding to understand and then visualise complex product and service concepts.

I have taken every opportunity to initiate improvement in the general approach towards understanding and applying design in the company. For example, I started exploring the symbol for cybersecurity company and presented the founders with a few ideas - shown below. I also organised a The Wallet project workshop for all the founders explaining concepts of personas, empathy and usability on practice.

Nimis cybersecurity logo

Nimis cybersecurity business card

Techstars demo day name badges

Techstars demo day booklet

Techstars associates team