PAUSE magazine was founded in 2009 by students to shed some light on university life. Every year a new editor-in-chief would be chosen to lead the development and production of 2 issues. I was lucky enough to start contributing to the magazine as a volunteer for 4 months, until I was offered a position of an editor-in-chief.

My responsibilities were:

  • Work with lecturers of Creative Writing and Visual Communicaiton to motivate students to start contributing content to the magazine
  • Organise all the materials from the previous publications in online public storage
  • Organise content and produce 2 digital magazine issues in Adobe InDesign
  • Create a development plan and recruit the next team of students

As I have completed my term at PAUSE I have decided to write my thesis based on all the valuable experience I have got.

Special thanks to Jari Wahlström - former head of marketing and communications - for always being supportive and trusting me in my decisions.